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About PAID

The Insurance Pool against Natural Disasters (PAID) is an insurance-reinsurance undertaking, with private capital, formed by the association of insurance companies for the conclusion of compulsory home insurance in accordance with the provisions of Law no. 260/2008.

PAID was established as an insurance company in November 2009, through the joint effort of 12 insurance companies (ABC Asigurări, Astra Asigurări, Carpatica Asig, Certasig, City Insurance, Credit Europe Asigurări, Euroins România, Generali, Grawe România, Groupama România, Platinum Asigurări și Uniqa Asigurări), shareholders of PAID.

Under the law, PAID manages the compulsory home insurance system, covering three main risks specific to Romania:

  • - Earthquake
  • - Flooding
  • - Landslide


The activity of PAID insurance company in Romania started in February 2010 and the first day of issue of compulsory home insurance was the 15th of July 2010.

Identification data:

  • Single Registration Number - 26191737
  • Serial no. in the Trade Register J40/10819/05.11.2009;
  • Authorized by the FSA under no. sub nr. RA-065
  • No. in the register of personal data operators - 16321





Romania is a country exposed to natural phenomena, in particular earthquake. PAID mission is to provide protection to all inhabitants in front of three specific natural risks: earthquake, floods and landslides, so that the effects of a disaster be minimized both at population-level and at the level of the entire economy.


  • - To offer an insurance product simple and accessible to any home owner;
  • - To ensure the prompt payment of indemnity in the event of a catastrophic event;
  • - To build a solid financial reserve, so that Romania is protected financially in the face of extreme natural phenomena;
  • - To reduce the budgetary impact of such disasters on the Government of Romania, so that public resources are allocated to rebuilding hospitals, schools and infrastructure;
  • - To contribute to the development of financial education of the general public and to promote home insurance as an indispensable means of protection.



Administrative management




Executive Management:

Nicoleta Radu-Neacșu General Manager
Natalia Man Deputy General Manager



PAID Shareholding consists of 12 insurance companies, authorized to cover catastrophe risks: